We Are Our Own Saviors

So, as I work on getting the first Headless Relatives album recorded and ready to go up, I thought I would post a little more about the upcoming album. Instrumentally speaking, it’s quite simple: an acoustic guitar and a voice. Although I love more elaborate instrumentation (and I do have a smattering of instruments that I hope to incorporate more in my music), I didn’t want to overshadow  what is my primary concern with these songs: the lyrics.

We Are Our Own Saviors (henceforth known as WAOOS) is an album about redemption, and the characters described in these twelve songs are all struggling in some way to find something redeeming in their lives. I’ll be posting the full lyrics online as I put the album up, but for now, I’ll just say this: the characters of WAOOS are a varied bunch, with feelings ranging from hopelessness to defiance to serenity to anxiety, and I hope that anyone listening can see themselves somewhere in this tangle, and appreciate the wide diversity of humanity’s search for meaning,